About Us



About Us

Your Fitness Network was founded by a professional body-builder who believes that fitness is a lifestyle but that most people don’t have time or know how to stay FIT. It can be difficult to find time to exercise. Or others either don’t understand how to exercise, are intimidated by the gym, or don’t know how to balance eating and exercising. These are the reasons the founder created this platform, so people can have time to: exercise, be educated about proper nutrition and include this lifestyle in their daily schedule.

The mission of YFN is to create a healthier world. YFN wants to take the mystery out of health and fitness. Health should be everyone’s #1 priority because without your health, you don’t have anything. In this day and age, we have too many distractions that keep us from taking care of our bodies. YFN wants to show you that there are always options, regardless of your present lifestyle, so that you don’t neglect your #1 priority: YOU.

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