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Going to the gym, going for a run...that is what you might commonly associate with working out. What if I told you there is a way you can get your workout in without breaking into a sweat? The answer might surprise you: exercising in the pool. Exercising in a pool is one of my favorite ways of staying in shape, because I can go outside during the summer or use an indoor pool during the winter. You can do it all year round!

Swimming has been shown to have many physical and therapeutic benefits. Just two and a half hours per week of aerobic physical activity, such as swimming, can decrease the risk of chronic illnesses. Exercising in a pool will also tone your body, burn fats, and strengthen your cardio. One of the best reasons I like exercising in a pool is because it can blast my fat and all the while it feels like playing and not exercising. One of my go-to pool workouts is: swimming laps. Swimming laps for 60 minutes can burn up to 500 calories, without leaving you feeling too exhausted. I will always choose working out in a pool over exercising at the gym. Swimming not only boosts your cardiovascular capacity while increasing muscle strength, but it also gives your body a break from higher-impact activities like running, and weightlifting. Exercising in a pool can also improve your flexibility. Heated water relaxes muscles and is beneficial when you are trying to stretch. These are the reasons why I choose to do my workouts in a pool and not in a gym.   All-in-all, it is a very safe way to workout, and if you are worried about injuring yourself, studies have shown exercising in a pool actually reduces the risk of injury.

The sun is out, the air is warm, the sand is inviting, and the trees are glowing. Summer is here and so are the beaches or the trails I’m soon going to find myself at. While I plan my vacation, I usually consider exercising to get in shape prior to my vacation. For me, I like showing off the beach body I gained before my trip. When I walk down the beach now, the two people at the beach volleyball court will think twice before assuming I’m easy prey. I always like to work on my endurance before I go on  to ensure I can enjoy my excursion without being physically exhausted only half-way through.

Usually I like to relax for a month or so following the first half of the year. It’s also around this time that I start exercising outside and in the sun while getting a vibrant and even tan. I do this mainly because getting a tan helps to protect my skin from sun damage while I’m on the beach, and because I want to start getting in shape even before I know what I’m going to be doing for vacation. Exercising outside in the sun has the added benefit of allowing my body to produce large amounts of Vitamin D. Vitamin D helps the body fight off diseases, it plays an important role in warding off depression, and it helps boost weight loss. Exercising also increases the amount of oxygen and nutrients your body produces. This means that my concentration will be stronger, and my heart and lungs will be stronger as well. By exercising, I make sure I am in the best physical and mental shape I can be for when I go on vacation. Below I want to share two exercises I like to do in the sun - they give me a nice tan and build my triceps and chest all the while.  You should try them too!

Your FIT CEO at YFN, Guilaine Menefee was honored at the 100 Women of Color Gala and Award Ceremony for her stellar commitment to excellence and leadership in her community and in the business arena.

“I am honored to be presented with 100 Women of Color for 2018. I'm excited to share a night with 99 other phenomenal women honorees in CT, who are leaders and inspirations in their community and industry.”

The Black Business Alliance with Frank Dixon - 1/23/2018 - be sure to watch it on AccessTV.orgChannel 17: https://www.accesstv.org/ch-17

Today's guest is Guilaine Menefee - CEO of Menefee Associates Consulting, LLC.

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It seems as though no one has time to work out, but Your Fitness Network is here to make being fit possible for all.

The YFN is an interactive online training and fitness program and will feature live training sessions and meetings.

YFN is the brainchild of business consultant and pro-bodybuilder Guilaine Menefee, Menefee Associates Consulting, LLC, and certified personal trainer and pro bodybuilder Devon Pollard. Pollard often trains clients in Manchester. Menefee is one of Pollard's clients.

"We're looking to be a platform for people to look at fitness holistically," Menefee said. "Our goal is to talk to people about how fitness transcends in every aspect of your life. We want the experience to be holistic."

Guilaine Menefee Recognized For Her Leadership, Philanthropy And Community Leadership

Your Fitness Network is excited to announce that CEO Guilaine Menefee received a prestigious award through the Minority Inclusion Project at their first MIP Honors Fundraiser. The Award was given to Menefee for being a champion for diversity, equity, inclusion, philanthropy, innovation and community leadership. The Minority Inclusion Project was formed in 2015 in Manchester and aims to create avenues for people of color. It has the goal of combating the lack of diversity in nonprofit organizations by connecting minorities with these opportunities in these organizations.
"I am incredibly grateful and honored to share the stage with other diversity champions and community leaders in Connecticut. Thank you to the Minority Inclusion Project for this recognition. I am proud to be a part of their first class of leaders. Special gratitude to my family, friends and colleagues for always supporting my work and encouraging me to continue to do more for my community."

Imagine being in an office building with a physical trainer training a woman out of state, all with the help of the computer screen. A new Connecticut-based fitness service is debuting Monday, and it promises to keep you exercising wherever you are.

“This product is an online fitness service. We are taking the gym and bringing it anywhere you are. So we want to disrupt the model that says you need to be constrained to the hours of a brick and mortar of a building, a gym that may be open for some part of the day that might not be accommodating to your lifestyle,” said Guilaine Menefee, Your Fitness Network CEO and co-owner.

Have 30 minutes for lunch at the office? What about half hour inside your living room? The co-founders of Your Fitness Network say any time and any space works. Once you sign up, you’re matched with a certified personal trainer, who will take you through a workout designed specifically for you.

“We base our program around their goals. They can use bands. They can use a lot of body weight. If they’re trying to lose weight, we do a lot of core work, which is a lot of your own body weight,” said Devone Pollard, Your Fitness Network co-owner and Chief Fitness Officer.

(WTNH) — Squeezing a workout into a hectic schedule can be a challenge, but with Your Fitness Network, you can take the gym wherever you go.

Your Fitness Network (YFN) was founded by two professional body-builders Guilaine Menefee and Devone Pollard. Knowing it can be difficult to find time to eat properly, exercise, find motivation to go to the gym, Guilaine and Devone created this platform.

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