• Do you know the difference between a diet and a meal plan?
  • Do you know what a healthy body fat percentage is for you as a man or woman?
  • Do you know the difference between (complex) good carbs and (simple) bad carbs?

Our Nutrition coaches will evaluate your current mindset about food i.e. emotional eating, binge eating, food deficiency etc. Our goal is to help educate you on how to use food as fuel for your body. You will learn how food can affect mood swings, sleep cycles and the increase of your energy level.

Our Coaches are equipped with the knowledge and experience of helping you with maintaining your weight loss and muscle development. Our Coaches are also prepared to supply meal plans based on your lifestyle. On this journey, you will learn how to live a healthy lifestyle for the rest of your life.

Nutrition Live Fit (x6)
$299/12 weeks
Nutrition Comp Fit (x12)
$479/12 weeks

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