Your Fitness Network has impacted clients from across the US as well as internationally. Clients have trained with our FIT Coaches domestically from Atlanta, California, Florida and internationally in South Africa.  With YFN, you can bring your personal trainer with you wherever you go.   Here are some amazing testimonials from clients, sharing their experience about training with our Coaches and on our YFN platform.

I have really enjoyed YFN. It’s convenient and extremely flexible especially for those like myself who travel often for work. The trainers and nutritionists work with you so that you enjoy the process and it doesn’t feel like a chore. I plan to continue working with YFN. 

Keauna Mason, California -- YFN client Summer 2017

When I first learned about YFN, I immediately thought “I just can’t fit any more things into my hectic schedule!” But I also knew that I needed to have more exercise in my life. So I decided to give YFN a try, and I’m glad I did. Lisa, my Yoga Coach, worked with me to FIT sessions into my (rare) downtime. During one of our sessions, I had forgotten to charge my tablet, so we did a session on my phone. I was amazed at how well she could still see my form and give me helpful notes and suggestions throughout. My Yoga Coach tailored sessions to my personal areas in need of improvement, and as a result I felt more energized, stronger, and able to take on my day. I highly recommend YFN.

Alika Hope, Connecticut --YFN client Fall 2017

Every person needs a mentor or coach to help them excel in a given area! The Your Fitness Network has been an excellent way to maintain my fitness regimen during my transition to a new city. The ability to work out with a familiar person in the comfort of my hotel room and my apartment really helped me get focused on my fitness goals.

If you need dynamic solutions to help you realize your fitness goals no matter where you are, I highly recommend the Your Fitness Network!

Brian Jones, Florida --YFN client Summer 2017

I thoroughly enjoyed working out with Your Fitness Network. When approached about training virtually I was a bit skeptical. But Dee and Guilaine quickly showed me that you can be pushed just as hard virtually. It is very difficult to find excuses to not train when all you need to do is turn on your computer. There were some days where I even used my phone. So they basically take away all of your excuses. I loved the fact that trainer Dee saw my potential and pushed me harder. And Guilaine in her very nice voice was not trying to hear any of my complaints! I made great improvements during our sessions and would highly recommend them.

Yvonne Lee, Atlanta, Georgia --Summer 2017, Atlanta, Georgia

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